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Project-BASED work


Planning is the modeling and structuring of a project over time. A well-structured project process offers overview and insight and is a connecting element in project organization. By standardizing processes and providing insight into mutual dependencies and the required decision-making, a realistic plan is created with which progress and risks are monitored.


Therefore planning management


Thoughtful planning gives you as a client insight into the critical project activities and enables you to focus on activities that contribute to project success. In addition, planning is a powerful means of communication for both internal accountability and the external environment.


Proven method


Drawing up a planning is one of the basic skills of the consultants at Buining & Partners. We have developed this skill into expertise in complex area development and infrastructure projects, both strategically and operationally. Our approach is characterized by a phase of preparation and a phase of control:

The planning is monitored in the Control Circle: comparing progress with planning, identifying deviations and proposing measures.


What does planning management offer you


• Rest and joint focus on your project result and milestones

• Insight and confidence in the feasibility of your results and milestones

• Reduce crisis management

• Connection in communication

• Controlled decision-making process

Added value Buining & Partners


Buining & Partners facilitates the preparation of the planning. The project parties themselves compile the planning. This creates support for the choices that must inevitably be made. This support leads to the responsibility and drive of actors in their contribution to a successful end result, and the right prelude to risk management.


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