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Project-BASED work


Risk management is a tool to identify and assess risks early and in a structured manner. This is how you, as the client, perform the best project management. After all, all construction projects involve risks. Unforeseen events have an impact on costs, lead time, results and safety. The consequences can be great and are almost always undesirable.


Therefore risk management

Project members look at risks differently and sometimes they turn a blind eye! Thanks to risk management, the risks are made explicit and can be discussed and continuous attention is paid to their management.


Proven method

In area development and infrastructure projects, Buining & Partners has been at the forefront of the broad development of risk management. We use an in-house developed and tested method to map your project risks quickly and effectively. We always test against established management documents such as planning, budget and scope of the project. Five steps are completed in a few weeks.


What does risk management yield to you

• Better view of failure probabilities

• Greater chance of success

• Lower project costs

• Shorter lead time

• An enthusiastic project team

Added value Buining & Partners

• The people in the project are put center stage by Buining & Partners. Together with your project team we create a safe and open conversation environment. That is the prerequisite for getting all the risks on the table. This creates a transparent project organization that encourages team members to take responsibility for managing risks.

• Buining & Partners stands for transferable results, and upon request trains your employees in the use of the risk management method. As a client, you can follow up on structural risk management with this combination

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