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Project environment

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Participation and stakeholder management

Spatial projects always have an alignment with the environment, an environment that is constantly changing. And at the same time, these projects affect their environment: the daily lives of people, companies and organizations. Participation is an instrument that is used to get in touch with this environment at an early stage. In this way, the environment is not only informed, but it can also participate and in some cases even participate in the decision-making process. We advise on how participation is of real value to all involved.


We teach the client to serve the pallet of stakeholders. Not only information is important for stakeholder, also lines of accountability and decision making. Each project is characterized by a specific force field, the way in which stakeholders relate to each other. We provide insight into the field of influence so that it can be adequately anticipated.

Environmental management

Projects do not take place on an island, but in a dynamic environment. Environmental management helps you as a client to deal strategically with these interests and to remove bottlenecks in order to start the project. By applying environmental management you create support for the work and pride in the end result of local residents and other stakeholders.

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